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Stockholm guide

If you want the ultimate lowdown on the hottest restaurants in Stockholm right now, our Stockholm guide is where it's at. We've got all the best restaurant tips that'll have your taste buds dancing.

À la Lo Café & Cantine 

À La Lo Cafe & Cantine is hands down the best breakfast spot in town. You gotta try their irresistibly tasty and flaky croissants, frozen banana yogurt with peanut butter granola, and cold matcha latte. It's a mouthwatering combo that'll make your taste buds sing with joy. You won't be disappointed with this all-vegan spot.

Brunos Korvbar

When it comes to grabbing a fuss-free and tasty lunch, Brunos Korvbar takes the crown. This spot is a no-brainer for an easy lunch fix that hits the spot just right. Make sure to order their mouthwatering sausage nestled in a fresh baguette, topped with sauerkraut for that extra zing of flavor.

Ingrid Bageri

Ingrid Bageri is the best bakery spot around town, no doubt about it. When you visit, make sure to grab a slice of their irresistible chewy apple cake—it's like a sweet slice of heaven. And don't forget to get their buttery buns that are so fluffy and delicious. 

Lennart & Bror Fisk

Lennart & Bror Fisk is the spot to hit up for a dinner that oozes local vibes. Trust us, you'll feel right at home. Start with their pickles, then dive into their epic surf and turf dish. If you're in the mood for something more casual, go for their tuna melt or their comforting fish soup. The food will definitely leave you craving more!

Calle P

When summer hits, Calle P is the place to be for some awesome drinks and a lively atmosphere. The vibe here is always buzzing. Don't miss out on their signature rhubarb drink—it's a taste sensation that pairs perfectly with a cheese platter or charcuterie. Cheers to good times!